NetMate CD/DVD/Optical Server
Performance and an entry level cost


Direct Network Attach
CD-R/RW Support
DVD-R/RW Support
• Support for NT/2000, Netware, Unix and MAC
TCP/IP and HTTP Support
3 Years Warranty
Factory Customization
Hard Disk Caching
CD Duplication
DVD Duplication
Remote Management with SNMP
User Restrictions & Server Authentication
Parts Guarantee
optical storage CD server, DVD server
Network Attached Optical Storage
Available in 3 or 7 bay configurations

Now there is no reason to compromise performance for cost.
Each features was designed for use in the most mission critical environments, but flexible enough to provide a complete spectrum of solutions. This fully featured subsystem is the result of 2 decades of data storage experience. The Chassis was designed to accommodate multiple devices of varying types including disk, optical and tape.

Legacy’s NetMate series offers peak performance access to multiple CD/DVDs at an entry level price. This compact network attach (NAS) storage solution provides simultaneous access by multiple users over the network. Operating system independence means a single source and location for all applications.

These Direct Network Attach Servers allow up to 7 varying combinations of CD-R/RW, DVD-ROM and DVD-R/RW. CD-R, CD-RW, DVD-R and DVD-RW are all supported for mastering over the network. Easily networked on an Ethernet Network running NT/2000, Netware, OS/2, Unix and/or MAC. Models can also be equipped with an optional hard disk cache for the most performance-demanding and high access traffic applications as well as capacity increase to 112 CDROM per 73GB SCSI Disk Cache. Installation is fast and simple with immediate access to all Media from most popular operating systems without the need for additional hardware, software or licenses.
NetMate is the perfect addition to any network. So put your precious software and pre-published data in a new state of security, flexibility, and accessibility.


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