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Unylogix Technologies - tape backup solutions : tape libraries, tape autoloaders, tape drives, backup software, RAID arrays, SAN, NAS, data interchange, CD / DVD servers, storage management software, DLT, SuperDLT, AIT, LTO Ultrium, VXA, 8mm, 4mm, 3480, 3490, 3590 etc... Franšais Tape Library Specials, Tape Drive Specials
Unylogix - your tape library, tape drive, tape backup software and RAID specialist
Unylogix Technologies specializes in helping organizations better manage and protect the data and information on their computer environments. Our areas of expertise include:
  • Data and Storage Management (tape libraries, tape drives, Unix, Linux & Windows backup software, RAID arrays, SAN - Storage Area Networks, disaster recovery, data interchange, CD/DVD servers, optical jukeboxes, NAS - Network Attached Storage, data replication, tape mirroring, tape replication, data archival software, file migration software, high availability etc...)

  • System and Network Management (computer asset management software, help-desk, LAN auditing, software distribution, network diagramming, cable management software, etc...)

  • Security solutions (data encryption, tape encryption, disk encryption)

Our solutions are focused primarily on Open Systems environments (Unix such as Sun OS and Solaris, HP UX, IBM AIX, SGI ...) and networked environments (NT, Netware...). We also have solutions for proprietary systems and OS (such as DEC VAX, HP3000, AS/400, etc...).

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All-in-One Appliance for
Backup & Disaster Recovery

backup, disaster recovery appliance

Bare metal &
Network disaster recovery &
backup appliance

sdlt 320 tape mirroringSDLT600 tape drive and SDLT tape library: 600GB per tape, 72MB/sec now available!
sdlt drive, sdlt libraryLTO-3 tape drive and LTO-3 tape library: 800GB per tape & 136MB/sec now available! LTO3
AIT ait3 drive, ait driveSuper-AIT tape drive and S-AIT tape library 1.3TB per tape & 78MB/sec now available!
raidHigh performance, low-cost RAID (36GB to 6.4TB) RAID array
archival, data archival Long term, data archival and data migration software and hardware solutions
Quick and easy disaster recovery for network attached systems (Windows, Unix, Linux ...). Including our 'Turnkey' Disaster-Recovery Appliance 'Turnkey' Disaster-Recovery Appliance unit disaster recovery

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