Unylogix carries a wide variety of hardware and software solutions in the areas of data storage, system and network management, security/firewall and others.

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Data & Storage Management Solutions

Data and Storage Management Hardware

Hardware - NAS (Network Attached Storage)
Storage devices directly connected to the network

Hardware - Optical, CD, DVD ... drives and jukeboxes
Data protection and archiving on almost non-degradable medias

Hardware - RAID & SAN
Redundant Array of Independant Disks (RAID) and Fibre/Storage Area Network (SAN)

Hardware - Tape Drives
Affordable solutions in all popular formats and capacities

Hardware - Tape Libraries and Tape Jukeboxes
High capacity data protection and archiving from GigaBytes to TeraBytes

Hardware - Tape Mirroring
Provides real-time automatic tape mirroring and duplication.

Hardware - Tape Replicators
Provides offline replication of up to four simultaneous copies of a tape.

Hardware - Data Encryption
Magnetic tape encryption for AIT, DLT/SDLT, LTO, IBM 3590 (3480/90/90E), Storagetek 9840/9940, and disk data encryption.

Hardware - Other data and storage management hardware
Tape RAID or tape striping to a maximum of 5 simultaneous drives.

Data and Storage Management Software

Software - BackUp Software
Intelligent support for Tape Drives, Libraries and Tape Arrays

Unix and Linux backup software

Windows backup software

Novell NetWare backup software

Enterprise backup software

Open File Backup Software

Software - Data Interchange and Conversion

Software - Disaster Recovery

Software - High Availability

Software - Migration / Archival

Software - Optical, CD, DVD
Optical management software.

Software - Replication

Security solutions

System & Network Management solutions